Here’s a little preview of what we’re up to this month!

Congratulations to the LHS young musicians who made Region!

Ryder, viola, Travis HS

Sofia, viola, Dulles HS

Christian, viola, Clements HS

Tarunikha, viola, Elkins HS

Catherine, violin, Dulles HS

Elizabeth, violin, Dulles HS

Rohith, violin, Quail Valley MS

Sohum, viola, Quail Valley MS

Kaitlyn, violin, First Colony MS

Emily, violin, Ereckson MS (Region 25)

Special congratulations to LHS violist Ryder J. for ranking #1 at HS Region and for making the upcoming final round of the Houston Civic Symphony Concerto Competition! Ryder is principal violist at Travis HS, performs in Virtuosi, & is currently accepting MS students. This summer, he attended the NYU SummerStrings program and Juilliard’s college-credit theory course. Yay, Ryder!

Very special shout-out to Rohith, who as a seventh-grader ranked #3 (!) out of the hundreds of violinists who auditioned for MS Region! Region orchestra concerts will be on Saturday, November 20th. Congratulations, Rohith! Goodness, it’s so fun to plan for 8th grade next year!

Congratulations to Hamsini for winning and performing the concertmaster solo for Rimsky-Korsakov’s Capriccio Espagnol with the Elkins HS orchestra! This year, Hamsini founded Interludes, a comprehensive mentorship program pairing advanced HS musicians with families of younger musicians to arrange free private lessons and group classes. You can catch Hamsini performing in the Elkins HS production of The Wizard of Oz in January. Can’t wait!

Congratulations to Georgie for performing for Chloe Trevor (!) last week — SO exciting! Georgie is growing SO FAST and is an expert on all things Vivaldi. She is counting down the minutes to starting de Beriot’s Scene de Ballet!

LHS families, if you have some happy studio news to share, please email Ms. Haley!

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