Congratulations, Dr. Lam!

Happy New Year, everyone! We’re so excited to share two pieces of happy news from our wonderful studio pianist!

Congratulations to Evelyn for officially becoming Dr. Lam! Evelyn completed her D.M.A. in Piano Performance and Literature at the Eastman School of Music this fall. Congratulations, Dr. Lam!

On New Year’s Eve, Evelyn married her fiancé, Nathan, at the St. Michael’s Lutheran Church in Winchester, TX! Here’s the lovely story in Evelyn’s own words:

“Last week was one of the wildest weeks I’ve ever had, but I would relive it all in a heartbeat. Two days after Nathan proposed on Christmas, Nathan received some unexpected news that led us to completely change our initial plans of marrying in May.

With the love and help of Nathan’s parents, his cousins, and two of my very dear friends, we put together an intimate, simple, lovely reception at Nathan’s parents’ house. We made a delicious taco bar for the reception, with a cake for dessert.

The ceremony was sweet and simple, held at St. Michael’s Lutheran Church in Winchester, Texas — just down the street from Nathan’s parents’ house. 

It was a beautiful, sunny, clear day. Jim Haley (Lauren’s father) walked me down the aisle, with the Glasgow Love Theme from Love Actually as the processional.

No fancy dress. No bridesmaids, groomsmen, or big, fancy reception — just us and a couple of friends and family. 

We had a wonderful, wonderful time.

It took a village to make this special day happen, and we are extremely thankful.”

Best wishes and congratulations to Evelyn and Nathan!

Spring 2022 Studio News

It’s been a whirlwind season of recitals, auditions, and performances, and LHS young musicians have so much good news to share!

Congratulations to Sofia and her family on her senior recital! Sofia’s senior recital featured works of Walton, Schubert, and Faure, in addition to a gorgeous duet performance with her grandfather! Sofia is a graduating senior from the top HYS and Dulles HS orchestras. Sofia attended the NYU Summer Strings Intensive, Carnegie Mellon summer pre-college program, and Juilliard Theory Intensive. I’m so excited for Sofia to pursue her dreams this fall at NYU!

Congratulations to Christian and his family on his senior recital! Christian has been a key performer in just about every Houston music organization, from Virtuosi of Houston to HYS, Region orchestras, AFA, and of course the top Clements HS orchestra! Christian also attended the prestigious Josef Gingold Chamber Music Festival in Miami. Christian’s senior recital at Virtuosi of Houston featured works of Reger and Stamitz, and his surprise encore performance of Take Me Out to the Ballgame inspired the whole audience to sing along. Congratulations, Christian!

Congratulations to Pramiti, Catherine, Elizabeth, and Ryder on receiving top marks in Austin at State over Memorial Day weekend! All received the highest marks (“1”) after performing their pieces by memory with collaborative pianists. Pramiti performed a movement of Lalo’s Symphonie Espagnole, Catherine performed a movement of the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto, Elizabeth performed Kreisler’s beloved Sicilienne & Rigaudon, and Ryder performed a movement of Schubert’s Arpeggione Sonata. Many thanks to their wonderful orchestra directors — Michael Isadore, Angela Yip, and Sabrina Behrens — for their support and encouragement!

Congratulations to Catherine and Elizabeth on their acceptance to the Juilliard’s music theory course this summer! Catherine and Elizabeth are violinists in the top orchestra at Dulles HS and will enter 10th grade this fall.

Congratulations to Ryder on being awarded the prestigious Interlochen Orchestral Scholarship, a full tuition merit scholarship to attend Interlochen this summer!  Ryder is a rising senior in the top orchestra at Travis HS, an All-State violist, and last year attended both the NYU Summer Strings Intensive and Juilliard’s college-credit summer music theory course.

Congratulations to Sohum for being awarded the TGAT summer merit scholarship to attend the AFA composition program this summer! Sohum is a violist and composer in the highest orchestra at QVMS and this year made Region, received top marks at Solo & Ensemble, and was awarded the 7th grade Orchestra Merit Award at QVMS. Way to go, Sohum!

It was such a joy earlier this semester to guest lecture for two courses at Eastman — String Pedagogy, taught by Dr. Lisa Caravan, and Studio Teaching: An Essential Career Component, taught by Prof. Maura McCune Corvington. It’s always inspiring and energizing to connect with Eastman students and professors, and I bring back so many of their good ideas to my own lessons!

Next up, we’re so excited to see Taruni and Hamsini perform in their collaborative senior recital this weekend, which will feature the show-stopping Handel-Halvorsen Passacaglia in addition to solo works! You’ll recognize Hamsini & Taruni from their performances in the Elkins 2022 production of The Wizard of Oz. Hamsini is also the founder of Interludes, which provides free lessons and group classes for younger musicians. Best of luck to Hamsini and Taruni for a fabulous senior recital!

If you have some happy musical news you’d like to share with the studio, send us an email!

November Studio News

Here’s a little preview of what we’re up to this month!

Congratulations to the LHS young musicians who made Region!

Ryder, viola, Travis HS

Sofia, viola, Dulles HS

Christian, viola, Clements HS

Tarunikha, viola, Elkins HS

Catherine, violin, Dulles HS

Elizabeth, violin, Dulles HS

Rohith, violin, Quail Valley MS

Sohum, viola, Quail Valley MS

Kaitlyn, violin, First Colony MS

Emily, violin, Ereckson MS (Region 25)

Special congratulations to LHS violist Ryder J. for ranking #1 at HS Region and for making the upcoming final round of the Houston Civic Symphony Concerto Competition! Ryder is principal violist at Travis HS, performs in Virtuosi, & is currently accepting MS students. This summer, he attended the NYU SummerStrings program and Juilliard’s college-credit theory course. Yay, Ryder!

Very special shout-out to Rohith, who as a seventh-grader ranked #3 (!) out of the hundreds of violinists who auditioned for MS Region! Region orchestra concerts will be on Saturday, November 20th. Congratulations, Rohith! Goodness, it’s so fun to plan for 8th grade next year!

Congratulations to Hamsini for winning and performing the concertmaster solo for Rimsky-Korsakov’s Capriccio Espagnol with the Elkins HS orchestra! This year, Hamsini founded Interludes, a comprehensive mentorship program pairing advanced HS musicians with families of younger musicians to arrange free private lessons and group classes. You can catch Hamsini performing in the Elkins HS production of The Wizard of Oz in January. Can’t wait!

Congratulations to Georgie for performing for Chloe Trevor (!) last week — SO exciting! Georgie is growing SO FAST and is an expert on all things Vivaldi. She is counting down the minutes to starting de Beriot’s Scene de Ballet!

LHS families, if you have some happy studio news to share, please email Ms. Haley!

“20 Outstanding Eastman Women for 2020”

Hello everyone! It’s a huge privilege to be featured by my alma mater in “20 Outstanding Eastman Women for 2020.” I’m absolutely inspired and grateful to be featured next to musicians I so deeply admire! And yes, I just about dropped my phone when I saw the article, it was a wonderful surprise! Mobile users, click through to your browser to access links and photos. Check out the article on Eastman’s home page here, and tune in to a recent Eastman video about Kids Aren’t Lazy here. Wishing you all a safe and musical spring break with your families!

Ms. Haley Talks Pedagogy at the Eastman School of Music

Photo credit: Dr. Lisa Caravan. Shared with permission.

Last week was so full of teaching inspiration! It was a dream come true to speak about pedagogy with string performance students at the Eastman School of Music (mobile users, click through to your browser to view the photos). Eastman’s performance majors (both graduate and undergrad students) already had so much insight into teaching and it was such a privilege to spend time with them! Many thanks to Dr. Lisa Caravan and Eastman’s Music Teaching & Learning Department for sponsoring my visit. It was especially exciting to hear that Dr. Caravan and her students headed to ROCMusic to teach immediately following our class together! If you haven’t heard of ROCMusic, click this link and check it out!

Tune in! University of Rochester Neilly Series Lecture with Lauren Haley

Hello everyone! Today I have the huge privilege of sharing my Neilly Lecture at the University of Rochester from Tuesday, February 11th. In one of the greatest joys of my career, Prof. Russell Peck (John Hall Deane Professor of English, University of Rochester) introduced me. I would have flown to Rochester for that honor alone! 

It was incredible to speak with musicians, professors, administrators, and teachers before and after the lecture. One band director introduced herself to me before the lecture and mentioned that she has been teaching band for 34 years. Of course, my immediate thought was, “my goodness, I’d love to listen to YOU here tonight too!”  

One thing that brings us together as teachers (regardless of whether we teach middle-school brass, conservatory violin, or collegiate physics!) is that deepening our understanding of Growth Obstacles (musical, technical, or academic challenges that, given appropriately, spur development) and Hindrance Obstacles (matters of circumstance that stall progress and strike students unevenly) helps students reach their highest goals. Last week really lit a fire under me to continue collaborating with performers, educators, and administrators in support of students and their families! 

There is the distinct feeling that Rochester is full of possibilities for becoming Ever Better. And yes, I’ll be carrying that spirit with me back to my Houston lessons! Together, we are persistent and resilient in our pursuit of self-betterment through collaboration, literature, music, theater, science, medicine, technology, and history. 

Many thanks to Dean Mary Ann Mavrinac (vice provost and Andrew H. and Janet Dayton Neilly Dean of the University of Rochester Libraries), Ashlee Huff, and Matt Cook for arranging this visit, and to the River Campus Libraries for hosting my trip.  

PS — How fitting that on the day of the lecture, the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra performed for Rochester public school students! Note the school bus parked right by Eastman. 😉 When children see artistic paths and possibilities, it furthers their own voices and artistic potential. And yes, if you look closely, you’ll see that Eastman’s crosswalk features piano keys!

The Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY

WXXI Connections with Evan Dawson interviews Ms. Haley with Dr. Kathleen Baynes and Herbert Smith!

Hi everyone! I am absolutely thrilled to share this WXXI Rochester interview with you! It was an absolute treat to be on Connections with Evan Dawson on Tuesday along with Herbert Smith (RPO trumpet performer, teacher, and Eastman grad himself!) and Dr. Kathleen Baynes (M.D., child and adolescent psychiatrist, and director of the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Program at the University of Rochester Medical Center).

Dr. Kathleen Baynes, Lauren Haley, and Herbert Smith at WXXI
Photo credit: Robert J. Braden

As you’ll hear in our conversation, Herb’s enthusiasm for music bubbles over into literally EVERYTHING he says. Listening to Herb, you’ll definitely have an extra spring in your step when you head into the practice room! I would totally have been a trumpet player had Herb been my teacher. Come to think of it, maybe it’s not too late!

Dr. Kathleen Baynes’ warmth and her emphasis on helping families develop self-esteem and soft skills in young musicians made we want to reach across the table to give her a high-five every time she spoke. Y’all, I learned so much and just KNOW I’ll be quoting Dr. Baynes going forward! PS — She has two young musicians (ages 8 and 10) at home!

Evan Dawson, himself the father of an 8-year-old violinist (!) had the most relevant and insightful questions for us. He also highlighted a few favorite parts of #KidsArentLazy on the air! You can listen to our entire conversation here and tell me what ya think!

Many thanks to Dean Mary Ann Mavrinac (Vice Provost and Andrew H. and Janet Dayton Neilly Dean of the University of Rochester Libraries), Ashlee Huff, and Matt Cook at the UR, to Evan Dawson and Megan Mack at WXXI, and to Hebert Smith and Dr. Kathleen Baynes. Photo credit: Robert J. Braden

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Ready for a Region Boost? Check out the LHS MS Region Tutorials in Collaboration with Cellist Mark Yee!

MS Region auditions are just around the corner and we’re so excited to give everyone an extra boost. We’ll be offering the FBISD Region 13 MS etude and scale performances and tutorials on violin and cello for 50% off this week only! Click HERE to access the videos through the LHS Vimeo site! Young musicians can rent the videos to rewatch at home an UNLIMITED number of times before Region auditions on November 2nd and 3rd.

LHS is thrilled to collaborate with cellist Mark Yee to create exceptional cello tutorials and performances for this year’s audition material! You can read all about Mark, a graduate of the Manhattan School of Music (B.M., Cello Performance) and Eastman School of Music (M.M. and Performer’s Certificate) at this link.

Best of luck to everyone for fabulous auditions again this year! Be sure to follow @LaurenHaleyStudios on Instagram for audition tips and to keep up with the latest studio news!

Studio News!

It’s finally fall and that means we have all sorts of happy news to share!

Congratulations to Jordan (viola), Elizabeth (violin), and Catherine (violin) for their acceptance letters to Virtuosi of Houston! We’re so proud of their audition success!

Next up, we’re delighted to share Ms. Haley’s Musikal Journey in collaboration with Samantha Steitz at Musikal Husky! Ms. Steitz and Ms. Haley met as guests of The Music Educator Podcast (Greg Childress) and mutual pedagogy nerdiness ensued, of course! Ms. Steitz is a pianist and pedagogue, as well as the co-author of Rhythm Keeper, Ms. Haley’s FAVORITE rhythm book. Mobile users, click through to your browser to view this link to Ms. Haley’s Musikal Journey. PS — If you and your family don’t yet have Rhythm Keeper (spoiler alert — you NEED this book!), you can save 15% on Rhythm Keeper with code LHSTUDIOS!

Photo by Albertine Wang

This past weekend, Ms. Haley flew to Rochester to speak for the Rochester Cello Society at the Hochstein School of Music & Dance. Many thanks to Hochstein for the Recital Hall and to Sandra Halleran and the RCS for hosting! While in town, it was amazing to reunite with Eastman mentors and colleagues and to celebrate Sarah C. Mangelsdorf’s inauguration as the UR’s 11th president! MELIORA!

One happy surprise was discovering this Eastman IML poster by the Sibley Music Library elevator. So neat! (Many thanks to Anna Schlia for the heads up!)

In other news, all three parts for Applause to the Musician’s series with Ms. Haley have been released! Watch the videos and subscribe to Applause to the Musician HERE.

Remember to follow @LAURENHALEYSTUDIOS on Instagram to keep up with the latest studio news!

Applause to the Musician Presents ‘How to Inspire Growth in Your Musical Child’

Applause to the Musician’s series How to Inspire Growth in Your Musical Child with Lauren Haley begins this week! Mobile users, click through to your browser and follow the link to this week’s video. Subscribe and tune in on Monday, September 30th and Monday, October 7th to watch Parts 2 and 3 of the series!

Many thanks to Maggie, Kevin, and Jerry at Applause to the Musician for this production!

Ms. Haley with Jerry and Maggie at Lauren Haley Studios. Photo credit: Kevin Hsieh