Congratulations to the following students for winning and retaining spots in their school’s very highest orchestra!


Ananya, Austin HS

Sophie, Clements HS

Chris, Clements HS

William, Elkins HS

Danielle, Travis HS

Deepa, Travis HS

Esosa, Travis HS

Mustafashah, Travis HS

Amanda, Baines MS

Sneha, Bowie MS

Isaac, Dulles MS

Danae, Dulles MS

Megan, Sartartia MS

Sharon, Sartartia MS

Special congratulations to Danielle and Esosa for jumping straight from their middle schools to the top orchestra at Travis High School. Well done, girls!

Congratulations to everyone on another successful round of auditions! We’ll update this list as the good news keeps pouring in.


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