Hello, 2016!

Good news is everywhere for LHS students as we start 2016 off firmly on the right foot. To begin, we celebrate the success of LHS students on their orchestra final exams in December. Congratulations to Amanda, Ananya, Anisha, Asher, Ayushi, Danae, Danielle, Deepa, Enara, Esosa, Hamsini, Jacob, Kayle, Maggie, Megan, Neha, Paige, Seline, Sharon, Susanna, Sneha, Taruni, and Vasudha for all receiving an “A” for their final exam grade! As long as that list is, I’m sure it’s far from complete — kiddos with an A, let me know by email and I’ll update our LHS Honors list!

An extra congratulations goes to Deepa, our Travis HS sophomore violist, who played first desk in her school’s highest orchestra for their December concert. She looks forward to going to Carnegie Hall with her orchestra this coming semester! Congratulations to all of our studio principal players, including (but not limited to — send me those programs, guys!) Danielle, Jacob, Paige, Seline, Sharon, Sophie, and William. Way to go, leaders!

Now that our happy December recital is over, it’s time to get excited about our February performances! Save the date for Saturday, February 13th at 5:30pm at the Virtuosi of Houston Studio. Following student performances, Ms. Haley and Ms. Lam will perform works of Brahms and Rachmaninoff.

Ms. Haley announces a special performance and lecture at ACS Egham International School in Surrey, England on March 15th, 2016. Lessons will be back to their usual schedule the following week!

LHS ambassadors Catherine and Lizzie will attend the 2016 Southeast Texas Suzuki Association Workshop on Saturday, February 6th to perform, play in ensembles, and participate in master classes. All the best, Catherine and Lizzie!

Our studio keeps growing! Please welcome our newest students — Aliza (8), Jacob (6), Jeannie (8), Katelynn (14), and Zoya (5). Many thanks to current studio members for being wonderful with scheduling so we can keep the studio waiting list moving! As we begin 2016, let’s celebrate that our family of LHS students has grown to 60 young violinists and violists!

Many thanks to Albertine Wang for the beautiful recital pictures. Here’s a preview of more to come, with Charlize starring in the first and all of our December performers smiling for the many cameras in the second!



Lauren Haley Studios wishes you a happy 2016!







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