• Bow to your audience before and after your performance to thank them for their applause and attention.
  • Smile at your parents before you check if the camera is rolling! Make sure there’s no music stand between you and your audience. Point the F-holes of your instrument to the audience, and be sure everyone can see your face.
  • Check that your pianist is ready before starting.
  • Play to the back row of the audience – a confident tone lets everyone enjoy your sound!
  • Smile! Each recital celebrates your dedication and skill. Congratulations on your musical journey!


Before the Recital – Setting the Stage for Success

  • Prepare your children for the spotlight by praising their effort and improvement. Remind each child how much you love to hear them play music.
  • Give your child every advantage readying them to perform their piece confidently at least two weeks before the recital.
  • Remember that negative comments fuel future stage fright, so release your inner cheerleader and support your kids through both good and bad practice days. Admire their ability to persevere despite difficulty.
  • Host a mini recital for family at home or for relatives over Skype a week or two before the recital date. Applaud, applaud, applaud!
  • Gather important supplies the night before the recital – shoes, shoulder rest, everything! – and have it all ready to go. Leave plenty of time to get to the recital venue and keep the family mood calm and happy.
"We did it!" Photo by Rooh Ullah
“We did it!” Photo by Rooh Ullah
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