Kids Aren’t Lazy: Developing Motivation & Talent Through Music (2018)

Out now, the #1 New Release for parents of young musicians!

Parents recognize their child’s unique abilities and strive to provide the best education, credentials, and life skills. Teachers notice the faith parents have in their child’s potential to contribute positively to the world. Still, even the most brilliant families wrestle with obstacles along the way.

Kids Aren’t Lazy is the result of thousands of lesson hours spent working closely with young musicians and their families. In this volume, conservatory-trained violinist Lauren Haley offers strategies for fostering self-discipline, resilience, and advanced instrumental technique in young musicians. In redefining motivation as the learned rush of joy from conquering challenges, and talent as the sum of current skills that makes learning new ones easier, Haley reframes the way parents and educators understand the power of music education. Applying this revolutionary approach, motivation and talent are gifts that can be developed in any child.

Read on to discover how to:

  • Address the root of musical struggles while developing new levels of focus, critical thinking, and self-direction in your child
  • Prepare your child for peak performance and fear-free creativity
  • Harness the power of routines to work for your entire family
  • Understand how parental actions, well beyond words, shape your child’s ultimate potential

With an emphasis on communication, Kids Aren’t Lazy empowers parents with breakthrough strategies for advancing their child’s musical proficiency and cultivating healthy behavioral patterns in all areas of study.

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