Hello everyone! I’m sure you have seen a few scary reports regarding this year’s aggressive flu season and now the new coronavirus. I’m happy to reassure everyone that we currently plan to move forward with our exciting spring schedule, including the March 21st studio recital.

It’s important to keep our cozy studio safe for everyone. LHS policy is conduct classes via FaceTime when a student is coughing, sneezing, or otherwise ill. Family members experiencing symptoms are asked to stay home or wait outside. The Sugar Land Art Center & Gallery will be making a similar announcement regarding all artist classes — group and individual — this week.

The close interactions between teachers, students, and parents mean it’s crucial to emphasize appropriate hygiene, including hand-washing before every class. All studio families will appreciate knowing that the family here before them didn’t leave any germs behind! 😉 After all, we never know when an illness that presents as a mild cold for some will be dangerous for others.

Students who come to class with symptoms like cough, sneezes, congestion, stomach upset, or fever will be sent home immediately. This policy is in place to protect all studio families and will be strictly enforced. To take advantage of your full lesson time, notify Ms. Haley as soon as possible and plan to do the class via FaceTime.

I’m proud of our mutual effort to maintain a safe studio space together. LHS young musicians and families can celebrate our emphasis on health by engaging in frequent hand-washing and good sleep routines at home.

Stay well, pumpkins!

Lauren Haley Studios
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